If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange the watch or refund your money within seven days of receipt of the item. There are also conditions for any returns or exchanges. Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions:

:: All the parts we send you in the package must be returned. If any of the small parts are not complete, the item will not be exchanged, and the cost of the watch will not be refunded.

Please include a note specifying what you did not like about the watch, what you were looking for, your name and address, along with your email address and the approximate date of purchase.

Important for returns or exchanges: the watch must be sent in the same condition as it was received, this includes the plastics covering the watch, and all parts must be intact, no matter how small, and it must not be worn in any way, etc. Wearing the watch only once results in no returns or exchanges being accepted. Any extra gift must also be returned in the same condition in which it was received.

You have to send us an email telling us that you want to return the watch, and once the requirements have been met, we will proceed with the shipment, which will be returned within seven days of the time mentioned above, along with the note inside the package.

Please note: Packages that are accidentally lost require a search time of about 30 days before they can be returned. This allows us to make the appropriate claim for the lost or misplaced package.

:: All costs incurred for exchanges or returns are to be borne by the purchaser.

:: For exchanges, please allow up to 2 weeks for the replacement to reach you.

:: For returns, please allow up to a maximum of one week after receipt of the watch, which will be credited back to your account or by bank transfer. For orders paid by credit card and possible shipping costs, we will deduct up to 5% of what you paid us for the order. This is due to the high costs for the processing of payments and returns.

For exchanges that exceed the original costs of the first purchase, the differences will be paid by money transfer with money transfer agencies, such as Western Union or similar or bank transfer according to the different options most convenient for the customer. If, on the other hand, the change involves a lower cost, we will proceed to reimburse the difference by bank transfer or any other available method.

If any other difficulty is not included in this section, we are sure that both parties can negotiate anything.