Satisfaction with these items is guaranteed! The quality and artistry are always by the best available, so guarantees the product’s value. However, we have inserted some important reminders that you should read carefully regarding our warranty policy.

The warranty is only covered exclusively for manufacturing defects in machinery. This does not include intentional damage or accidents or damage caused by the item’s use of many small parts of the watches; see screws, crowns, bezels, etc. Remember to keep the crown of the watch properly adjusted so that no water enters through any gaps. In any case, water damage is not covered by the warranty.

Watches should not be exposed to high pressure, and all watches are covered under warranty as long as they are not opened. Once the watch has been opened, all warranty claims are void. This exclusion can be checked even for genuine watch brands.

This warranty does not cover gold-plated watches because it is unpredictable how long the gold will not fade. Only possible manufacturing defects are covered for these replicas, not including damage caused by the watch’s use.

In virtually all cases, possible product defects are repaired without difficulty. However, if any item cannot be repaired for any reason, it will be replaced with the same item. If it is then out of stock, you may choose any other of the same value.

Intentional damage to the crown or stem is not covered. Most of the damage to the crowns of watches was caused by the customer pulling excessively on the stem, causing it to break, so the warranty would not cover it. However, if the damage was due to a manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace or repair a new part.

To avoid any damage to your A7750 automatic movement, we recommend that you please do not set the date when the watch is between 10:00 and 03:00. If you need to set the date, please set the time temporarily outside the 10-3 range, then set the date, and then set the time again. Setting the date while the watch is between 10:00-03:00 may damage the watch’s gears and would not be covered under warranty.

Also, improper chronographs could damage the sensitive gears for these timepieces and would not be covered. Therefore, if you use the Valjoux chronograph functions of the A7750, you must first ensure that the stopwatch is started by pressing the top pusher and then pressing the same pusher again to stop the stopwatch. Remember: Start & Stop are the same top pusher for the stopwatch, and then press the bottom pusher to reset the stopwatch function to Zero. PLEASE DO NOT press the lower pusher when the stopwatch function is running. ONLY press the lower pusher after stopping the chronograph. If you follow the instructions carefully, your watch will last for a long time. Because these watches are not made to COSC standards and are not manufactured in SWITZERLAND GENEVA, nor do we say so on the movement labels, the watches may not last a natural lifetime. Please remember that a replica is always a replica. But you can enjoy them at a fraction of the cost.

All models are constructed from genuine stainless steel, so their durability and consistency are assured. The machinations of these watches are sufficiently solid and hardly lose or gain any considerable amount of time. Therefore, only significant time losses would be covered by this warranty. The life expectancy of these watches can vary, but we have found that it is between 5 to 10 years in general.

Also, our warranty policy does not cover possible loss or theft of specific parts of the watch. However, we remind you that our after-sales service is at your disposal to repair and improve any future defects even after the warranty period has expired.